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Welcome to PoliNat, a Spanish company devoted to the identification, development, and production of high quality active ingredients Nature has to offer. We have been serving the Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical industries since 1997.

PoliNat produces standardized extracts and novel, patented ingredients which contribute to maintaining health and improving the quality of life through nutrition. 

We are a science-based, research-driven company devoted to R&D and Quality. Our laboratories are specifically designed to develop new products, evaluate new applications, assess their safety, and ensure superior quality.

PoliNat: research, quality and innovation working for you! 

"Please note that this web site is not addressed to consumers as the information provided herein does not apply to final products. Please note that this website is available for different countries all over the world and hence the content or product classification may not be relevant in your country. The claims made correspond to ingredients only, they do not refer to final products. The trader of any final product is ultimately responsible for guaranteeing that the claims and the final product destination comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice regarding the country/countries in which the product is to be sold."